Frequently Asked Questions

Why only 100 connections?

Purpose creates a space for you and your closest friends. The people that you want to be and stay close with.

Being close to someone means sharing things with them that you wouldn't share with people you're less close to.
As social creatures, we only feel empowered to do so when we feel safe and know who we're sharing with. That's why we limit the number of connections you can have on Purpose.

Why do I need to give Purpose access to my contacts?

Purpose is all about connecting deeper with the people you already know. We use your contacts to help you find your friends on Purpose and verify that you know them.

How we keep your data safe

As privacy is of utmost importance to us, we encrypt (hash) your contacts' phone numbers on your device before sending them to our servers.
There we check if any of your contacts are already on Purpose.
We don't store any personal information of your contacts beyond the hash of their phone number on our servers.

How does location sharing work on Purpose

Purpose aims to help you foster deep relationships with the 100 people you care about most. We believe deeply that the most important way to connect is by meeting your friends offline. Yet, with our busy schedules and an ever more mobile and global lifestyle it can be hard to arrange to meet up.

This is the motivation behind Purpose's location sharing features. By enabling location sharing, your broad current location will be made available to your Close Circle. They will be able to see in what general area you currently are and thus be able to reach out to you to arrange meetups, coffees, or activities.

Furthermore, you can choose to share your location also while Purpose is running in the background. This allows you to even easier keep your friends up to date and enable more chance encounters.
While sharing your background location, Purpose only gets updated when you have moved significantly. This minimizes the impact it has on your phone's battery while enabling some unique functionality. For example, it enables Purpose to let you know when you're super close by to your friends and would have the chance to meet up.

How we keep your data safe

As privacy is of utmost importance to us, we only store information about your current location and don't have any means to reconstruct your location history.
Furthermore, we leverage advanced security features to ensure only your close circle will ever be able to view your broad location. Meaning your friends can see in which district of your city you are but nothing beyond that.
This precise location will never be shared to your contact unless you explicity choose to do so.

What options do I have to control how my location is shared?

Sharing your location with friends makes meeting up with them a lot easier. Still, Purpose is all about helping you share the way you want, so our location sharing feature allows you to do just that.

Firstly, sharing your location is an optional feature that you can choose to opt into. However, we believe it is only fair that you will only see your friends' location if you also share yours.

Secondly, you can choose when your location will be updated. The basic choice here is to update it only while you are using the app. However, you can also choose to allow the app to occasionally update your location in the background.
For this you can choose to give Purpose the permission to 'Always' access your location. Your location will then be updated when you've moved to a significantly different location (over 500m or 1600ft). Keeping the impact on your phone's battery as low as possible.
By opting in to updating your location while Purpose is in the background, you unlock our "Super Close" feature, which tells you more precisely which of your friends may be within a short walk of your location. This opens the opportunity for some magical chance encounters or spontaneous coffee chats.

Next to choosing how your location gets updated you can also choose how precise you want to share it. iOS and Android let you control the precision with which you share your location.
On iPhone, you can choose to only share your general location. This will provide Purpose with a location within 1 - 20 km radius of your actual location but still within the city or area you currently are in.